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Miele Refrigeration – ‘Cool’ Appliances For Your Home

When it comes to choosing the refrigeration appliances for your home, then you really need look no further than Miele. Miele’s reputation for manufacturing precision engineered appliances, that are durable, reliable and that provide their owners with excellent value for money is second to none.

All their appliances come with a 2-year, parts and labour, manufacturer’s warranty that gives you peace of mind that should anything go wrong with your appliance that Thain Appliances’s highly skilled team of service engineers will come to your home and fix your appliance.

Thain Appliances who are Miele sales and service partners in Scotland, are delighted to offer to you a wide range of Miele refrigerated products, such as; refrigerators, fridge freezers, freezers and wine units that are all specifically designed for the domestic market. These appliances are packed with state-of-the-art technology which all help to make your life a whole lot easier.