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Miele Steam Ovens – A Healthier Way To Cook

Miele are proud to offer to the market, through our approved sales and service partner in Scotland, Thain Appliances, their extensive range of steam ovens.

More and more people are looking for healthier ways to cook their food, and a steam oven certainly ‘fits the bill’. The Miele range of steam ovens cooks food simply by using steam. It’s a very popular method for cooking fish, vegetables and loads more food stuffs. It essentially works by using water and hot air, rather than just heat alone, like traditional cooking.

Miele’s extensive range of steam ovens come as either integrated or freestanding appliances and include; counter-top, built-in steam ovens, steam ovens with microwaves and even extra-large steam ovens, which are great if you like hosting dinner parties. They can be connected to a mains water supply, which ensures that water intake and drainage are performed automatically, making emptying the water condensate a thing of the past.

Cooking with a steam oven helps to lock in the nutrients contained in your food and also takes away the need to use cooking oils. The benefits don’t stop there, as you can also cook different types of food in the one oven at the same time, as there will be no cross-flavouring.