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Miele Ovens – Perfect For Your Home

Thain Appliances, who are Miele’s approved sales and service partner in the north & south of Scotland are delighted to offer a wide selection of Miele ovens for sale. The Miele range of ovens includes; electric ovens, combination steam ovens and compact combination microwave ovens.

These ovens are bursting with state-of-the-art technology that includes features such as; finger-tip swipe controls, the ability to connect to your WiFi, easy clean with our Perfect Clean Finish, touch cool fronts to protect against burns (handy if you have small children) and you can even keep an eye on what you’re cooking with some models that have a built in camera in the oven…no excuse to burn anything ever again!

Miele has an excellent track record when it comes to producing precision engineered domestic appliances that are simply built to last. All their domestic appliances come with a 2-year manufacturer parts and labour warranty which ensures that in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your appliance, then the excellent team of Thain Appliances service engineers will be on hand to fix your appliance and get you back up and running again.